How we built the #1 branded

radio format in America.

(And why you should care)


SparkNet has been helping media companies ride the waves of change for over a decade. Along the way, we created Jack FM, the top branded radio format in North America. We’ve made a lasting mark in the Hispanic and U.K. markets. And our latest brainchild, BLAZN Country, is poised to redefine yet another hugely important genre with innovation so bold, we were able to patent it. SparkNet’s take-no-prisoners vision has been praised by everyone from the BBC and TIME magazine to The New York Times and Rolling Stone.

“A truly radical and counterintuitive concept in radio” – Wired


It’s still possible to build loyal audience.

Ironically, your safest bet if you want to do something new and interesting today is to follow the same tried-and-true game plan we developed over a decade ago: Stay predictably unpredictable. Be daringly original. Keep finding fresh ways to energize your listeners. And do it all without sucking, or sucking up. Helping you do this profitably is SparkNet’s unique superpower. 

“A direct reaction to the monotony of hit radio” – The New York Times

Not just formats, but real live brands.

Our chart-busting approach to music mixology is just one part of a larger solution.  Serve it up with a living, breathing brand that generates a zillion watts of relevancy at the local level, and you inspire measurable loyalty. Let this sink in: you now have the opportunity to offer listeners a proven major-market product, no matter what market you’re competing in.

“Jack has taken the US by storm” – BBC

Intuition and research, served up with a twist.

 Our programming instincts have served us well. But even when an idea is powerful enough to spin airwaves into gold, you still need a reliable navigation system. As a SparkNet partner, you benefit directly from the best (and most useful) radio research on the planet. It’s a potent blend of art and science, with a splash of mojo mixed in. Shaken, not stirred. 

“A playlist from Marvin Gaye to Van Halen” – Rolling Stone

The perfect environment for advertisers to win big.

 Because we’ve mastered the mystical science of mood and emotion, we know how to create a happy, energized listening environment. This provides the perfect setting for presenting ad messages to a positive, receptive audience. We also generate A-level marketing tools to help get local advertisers (and listeners) on board quickly. 

“Radio tries a new tune” – The Wall Street Journal