Intuition and research, served up with a twist.

 Our programming instincts have served us well. But even when an idea is powerful enough to spin airwaves into gold, you still need a reliable navigation system. As a SparkNet partner, you benefit directly from the best (and most useful) radio research on the planet. It’s a potent blend of art and science, with a splash of mojo mixed in. Shaken, not stirred. 

“A playlist from Marvin Gaye to Van Halen” – Rolling Stone

The perfect environment for advertisers to win big.

 Because we’ve mastered the mystical science of mood and emotion, we know how to create a happy, energized listening environment. This provides the perfect setting for presenting ad messages to a positive, receptive audience. We also generate A-level marketing tools to help get local advertisers (and listeners) on board quickly. 

“Radio tries a new tune” – The Wall Street Journal